Thursday Salute to Originals: Suspended Items

Meet Artist Thomas Jackson, whose work is quite literally confusing! His series Emergent Behavior is a visual statement as to how opposites attract and form an ongoing relationship.

Jackson’s work combines man-made objects with natural landscapes. He prefers that the objects that he uses are iconic, something that is easily recognizable, and gaudy or cheap so that it stands out in the photograph. His work combines installations that are then photographed. Jackson’s materials are abstract, common objects such as paper cups, umbrellas, and lollipops – usually with bright colors.

Initially, Jackson manipulated his photographs with computer software, and as his work progressed, he learned how to manipulate his camera to get the desired effect. In his photographs, it appears that the objects are swarming, similar to a school of fish or insects. The framework supporting the installation is typically an open space with muted colors that make the installed objects the focal point of the photograph. (Or is the juxtaposition the focal point? Depends on your perspective.)

Color has a dominant role in Jackson’s photographs. His installations are vibrant hues that provoke a playful feeling. Jackson does not believe that his work has a predetermined explanation. Rather leaving things up to the viewer’s interpretation.

This Thursday, we are saluting Thomas Jackson and his series Emergent Behavior! His work is fascinating and is a testament as to the partnership between the simple and the complex.

Sources: Thomas Jackson, This is Colossal