Thursday Salute to Originals: Threaded Tiny Homes

Is it paint or is it thread? This question is hard to answer when you’re staring into the work of artist Stephanie Clark. Clark does in fact consider herself a painter; however, thread is her medium when creating her works of tiny homes and landscapes.

With a needle as her paintbrush, Clark does an incredible job, making it hard to distinguish from thread and paint. She credits her embroidering abilities to her background in painting, which she says has allowed her to explore the material and use techniques from both the painting and drawing “worlds.” While some may consider threading and embroidery to be “crafty,” Clark believes that her work, in fact, blurs the lines between what is art and what is craft.

Moreso, she is redefining the concept of “craft” itself. In Clark’s artist statement, she reflects on this concept: “I like to think I can reclaim the word ‘craft’ which contains the idea of an unusual frame of knowledge and skill passed on from generation to generation.” You see, Clark considers herself a painter, and she paints with her thread. Her goal is to create a visually appealing scene combining both traditional and innovative techniques using various densities, textures, and patterns. Much like a painter, Clark even layers her colors in her work.

Today, we’re saluting Stephanie Clark and her intricately threaded scenes. What is art, and what is craft – she lets us know we don’t have to know the answer to that. Instead, we appreciate her chosen palettes that have transformed hobby into art!

Sources: Stephanie Clark, This is Colossal