Thursday Salute to Originals: Wood Sculptures and Metal Armatures

You know us… We love a good fusion of media, and today is no exception! Allow us to introduce you to carving artist, Phil  Young. Young has been toying with (and perfecting) wooden sculptures within metal armatures.

What’s cool about his work is that this isn’t your typical fusing of media. Young’s finished sculptures appear are mind-bending and appear as though the wood is being stretched and warped by the various metal objects that are meant to act as invisible forces. Of his work, Young says he chooses to “craft his work to be unique in order to place it apart from the easily mass reproduced objects of commercial and even artistic culture.”

One of his goals he achieves with his sculptures is tricking the eye of the viewer. He aims to make the viewer believe his art has properties that they really should not have. For example, he likes to make the wood look as if it were rubbery, or “fleshy.” But of course, our mind would tell us that can’t be real, wood does not appear that way… or does it?

This Thursday, we salute Phil Young and his dynamic sculptures for their subtle mind games and whimsical qualities. We can certainly appreciate the way Young uses these raw materials in a fresh manner.

Sources: Phil Young, This is Colossal