Thursday Salute to Originals: The Books Have Eyes

We’ve all heard the saying, “read between the lines”, but what would it look like if the lines were reading you back?

Italian sculptor Paola Grizi crafts sculptures of bound paper in bronze with faces, eyes, and even hands emerging from their hinges. Many of the sculptures look like excerpts from traditionally spined books, flipping open in midair, while others appear to be folded into geometric, cube-like forms.

Through her sculpture, Grizi transforms the bronze into flowing, papery sheets. Each page shows organic wear-and-tear, complete with creases, rips, and even worn bindings. The facial structures contrast the worn look of the pages with smooth textures and strong lines.

Grizi’s bronze sculptures are a sort of an “ode to books” meant to salute the beauty of physically printed materials. With a background in literature and journalism, it makes sense that the artist has a personal connection with printed text, and the images of faces emerging from between lines of literature serve as a familiar metaphor that what we read can truly come to life off a page.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Paola Grizi and her bronze books! Her work reminds us of the beauty in careful detail and the timeless appeal of discovering life in an open book. You can read more of her story at or view additional bronze work on Instagram.

Sources: Paola Grizi, This is Colossal