Thursday Salute to Originals: Digital Brushstrokes

We’ve seen artist Dimitris Ladopoulos build complex cyberspace landscapes, but this time he’s teaching us how to paint masterpieces with a digital brush.

Continuing his application of the Houdini software algorithm, Ladopoulos reimagines classic paintings in a new, pixelated form. The algorithm identifies variations in hue on the surface of renown portraits like Johannes and Rosalba, dividing slight deviations in color into blocks that illustrate hues with varying levels of density.

“The result is a mosaic of rectangles that highlight the subtle changes in the color palette of the original… One could say there is a similarity to the painters’ approach of using broader and finer strokes to achieve the end result,” said Ladopoulos in an interview with a This is Colossal reporter.

The artist’s signature visualization method is called treemapping, and it has several applications to create intricate illustrations, either from existing images or original creations as seen in previous Thursday features.

This Thursday, we’re saluting another digital masterpiece from Dimitris Ladopoulos. From his original cyberspace creations to digital reinventions, the application of complex software to art generates some fascinating and inspiring visualizations that could never be explored with a traditional brush.

You can view more digital portraits and new creations on the artist’s Behance profile.

Sources: Dimitris Ladopoulos, This is Colossal