Thursday Salute to Originals: Another World in Otherworld

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.” — Rousseau

Founded by Ohio artist Jordan Renda, Otherworld is a new, massive interactive art installation built in the middle of abandoned storefronts in Columbus, Ohio.

Renda’s previous work includes haunted houses and escape rooms, but Otherworld is an entirely new type of immersive experience. Focused on artistic expression, interaction and whimsy, the complex’s massive interior transports visitors to a fun world of plush monsters, sci-fi scenery and even puzzles.

“When you’re looking at something passively on a wall [versus] being hands on with it and being immersed in it, it allows you to process and connect with something in a different way that you can’t get by just looking at it,” said Renda in an interview with

With 40 unique rooms, there’s certainly a wide variety of hands-on fun.




Beyond the hype of a new interactive art installment in Ohio, the project also has a mission to incorporate art, science and design classes for local students. Later this year, a team of local kids will have the opportunity to design a room in Otherworld from the ground up, incorporating art, math and technology in a single space.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Jordan Redna and the Otherworld installment — a wonderful world where art meets science and technology. Otherworld is a long-term installment and should be in Columbus for at least four years at the current location. 

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