Thursday Salute to Originals: Picture, Picture

Fabian Oefner crafts complex sculptures of intricate technologies suspended in transparent blocks.

In a new sculpture series titled Cut Up, Oefner dissects the inner-workings of complex technologies — like an SLR camera — and arranges their pieces in a constructed way.

In previous works, the artist would capture moments of intense destruction. Here, Oefner explores “re-assembly” and how tiny, seemingly random pieces and shapes fit together in an organized way within larger figures and intricate tools.

Oefner CutUp FM2 Detail

Oefner CutUp F2 Detail Top 960x1080@2x

Oefner CutUp FM01 Top Detail 02 960x1217@2x

Oefner focuses on still and video cameras as in this series as both a reference to previous works in photography and an ironic statement where the artists’ tool becomes a work of art itself.

The production process is, “a unique mix of high-end and low-end technologies,” explained Oefner in a public statement about the collection.

To craft each piece, Oefner begins by setting full equipment in blocks of transparent resin, cured in a vacuum chamber set to precise atmospheric pressure and temperature. Once solidified, each object is cut into pieces with a bandsaw before being hand-polished and re-arranged into fragmented versions of their original form.

Oefner CutUp F3 Front 960x640@2x

Oefner CutUp FM2 Top 960x640@2x

Oefner CutUp NASA1 Side 960x1080@2x

This Thursday, we’re saluting Fabian Oefner and the Cut Up series. Through complex material processes and thoughtful design, the artist has crafted eye-catching subjects that are captivating from every angle.

To get a behind-the-scenes look at the design process or to see more original work, check out Oefner’s Instagram.

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