Thursday Salute to Originals: Twisting Seats and Bending Benches

Amsterdam-based designer Sebastian Brajkovic transforms classical furniture into modern, distorted sculptures.

sebastian installation view

Brajkovic’s half furniture, half sculptural pieces are a conceptual exploration of motion and contortion. Inspired by literal expressions of passing time, his sculptures illustrate how physical objects come undone as they age.

“I like the aspect that time is visible in the work that I make,” said Brajkovic in an interview with This is Colossal. “I seek for literal explanations—things untwining or extruding, growing and becoming older, metaphysical experiences, and surreal vision.”

pink chair 2

sebastian 1

While Brajkovic deconstructs and skews the design of traditional forms, they all maintain their functional features for sitting or dining. The final, free-standing object looks like it has been sent through a time portal or like teleporter experiment gone wrong.

Elegant and strange, classical and futuristic, the furniture sculptures capture past, present, and future and invoke curiosity and emotion at a glance.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Sebastian Brajkovic and his transformed interior designs. What started as a childhood fascination with distorting furniture is now a part of permanent collections across the globe.

pink chair edit

sebastian 2

You can learn more about the Brajkovic’s current exhibitions in London, Houston and New York on his website or view more designs on Instagram.

Sources: Sebastian Brajkovic, This is Colossal