Thursday Salute to Originals: Street Post Wire Frames

California-based artist Spenser Little crafts wire-frame portraits in public spaces.

2019.09.10 SpenserLittle 03 960x636@2x

For over 15 years, Spenser Little has created wire art installed on lamp posts and other public structures around the globe. Using a simple technique, Little’s work has captivated a wide audience, from pedestrians to museum patrons, with a single metal wire.

Pic @juliiea POW WOW Rotterdam 2019 Spenser Little 1 7

Pic @juliiea POW WOW Rotterdam 2019 Spenser Little 1 4 960x603@2x

The subjects of Litte’s portraits will range from playful, interactive pieces to commentary on social issues like overuse of technology and phones.

Each piece is created by bending rigid metal materials with thin, needle-nose pliers. While the technique is simplistic, the artist transforms the rigid metals into soft lines that make up detailed and expressive subjects. When viewed in the context of their environment, Little’s careful attention to detail shines through as trees, bridges and even telephone wires become part of the portrait.

Pic @juliiea POW WOW Rotterdam 2019 Spenser Little 1 12 960x1372@2x


This Thursday, we’re saluting Spenser Little and his signature wire frames. His work can be found around the world on street posts and in art galleries. A collection of complex portraits is currently on display at the Thinkspace Gallery in California. You can follow his global, public installations on the artist’s Instagram.

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