Thursday Salute to Originals: The Banksy of Cleveland

An anonymous painter known as “HumenRace” has been decorating Cleveland streets with emotional art!


From political statements to emotional messages, the anonymous work of Cleveland-based street artist HumenRace has been compared to England’s Banksy for its renegade style and powerful messaging.

Overnight, head-turning scenes will appear on the side of storefronts, brick buildings and on street corners. Some of the caricatures make a political statement while others focus on universal themes about love and human connection.



And nobody knows who HumenRace is.

“My anonymity allows people to relate to my art without any interference from perceptions about the artist,” said the artist in an Instagram message to WKYC 3 Cleveland. “It brings people together regardless of race gender or identity.”

While the paintings are technically considered vandalism by local law enforcement, the response to the anonymous art has been positive around the Cleveland community. The town enjoys having its own rouge artist, and the message of their work is more unifying than divisive.



This Thursday, we’re saluting HumenRace and their anonymous, thoughtful street art. You can follow the artist’s ongoing tour around Cleveland on Instagram, and stay tuned to local news stories highlighting new portraits appearing in the city.

Sources: HumenRace, WKYC