Thursday Salute to Originals: Growing Gazebo

Design studio Krown Design erects a bio-based pavilion for Dutch Design Week 2019.

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Designers Pascal Leboucq and Erik Klarenbeek from Krown Designs are known for creating a range of sustainable commercial pieces, from home décor to furniture and storage. Now, over the course of three years, the duo has designed The Growing Pavilion — a fully eco-friendly structure on display at Dutch Design Week 2019.

Made from timber, mycelium panels, cattail reeds, and agricultural waste, the structure is made entirely of organic and recycled materials. In the hands of these designers, the materials are transformed into a free-standing pavilion that insulates both heat and sound.

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“There are a lot of bio-based materials, but they can be hard to recognize at first, and they often stay at the sample stage. I really wanted to make a bigger statement, so that a lot of people can discover this fantastic material,” said Leboucq in an interview with Denzen.

Leboucq and Klarenbeek’s statement piece is meant to advocate for wider applications of eco-friendly, mycelium-based materials, citing design flexibility and utility as both an insulator and durable building material.

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This Thursday, we’re saluting Pascal Leboucq and Erik Klarenbeek and their application of unique, sustainable design materials.

You can discover more mycelium-based products on Krown Design’s website. You can also look for The Growing Pavilion as part of Dutch Design Week.

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