Thursday Salute to Originals: Urban Miniatures

Duo Emily Paxton and Pam Glew curate miniature models of houses, stores train cars and more.

Gift Eelus House 700GBP PaxtonGlew 960x1380@2x

In collaboration with dozens of local street artists, England-based arts shop PaxtonGlew has created a tiny, graffiti-ridden collection of buildings titled Urban Miniatures. Unlike most model cities, this project is focused on capturing the true-to-life grit and beauty of urban life.

The list of contributors to this project is extensive. From train-writers and muralists to designers and painters, over 40 individual artists have taken their large-scale styles down to size to help Paxton and Glew create pint-sized and collectible versions of what you would typically see on the streets of London or another urban center.

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Urban Miniatures DONK H PaxtonGlew 960x620@2x

To work on tiny models like the ones in this collection, each collaborator must employ careful attention to detail. Their life-sized murals or graffiti that may otherwise fall into the backdrop of a busy metropolis are under a microscope in their scaled versions.

While flaws are under more scrutiny in the “mini medium,” it also creates a more intimate connection between the artists’ work and the observer. Holding a street mural in your hands is a much different experience than glancing at it on the way to the underground!

Antony H Haylock Building 600GBP PaxtonGlew 1 960x636@2x

UrbanMiniatures 3181 angebell e1574437414477

This Thursday, we’re saluting Emily Paxton and Pam Glew’s urban miniatures. You can view more of these creations on the PaxtonGlew website or on Instagram.

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