Thursday Salute to Originals: Crystalized Icons

Sculptor Daniel Arsham recreates iconic sculptures with crystal features!

arsham 4

Based out of New York, artist and sculptor Daniel Arsham reimagines some of the most iconic sculptures of the classical world. His most recent series replicates figures like Michelangelo’s Moses with eroded holes filled with “budding” blue crystals.

As part of his research for the crystal recreations, Arsham spent a year inside Réunion des Musées Nationaux — a studio in France renown for similar projects. There, the sculptor gathered digital scans and molds from museums across Europe, including the Musée du Louvre in Paris and Acropolis Museum in Athens.

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Once the replica is complete, Arsham will then chisel away at the perfectly cast forms, creating an erosion effect that he then fills with crystalized volcanic ash, blue calcite, selenite, quartz and rose quartz. The crystallization is meant to symbolize how the past shapes future growth.

“Making use of classical and ancient objects, this new body of work experiments with the timelessness of certain symbols,” said a release from Perrotin — an exhibition where Arsham’s work will be on display through March.

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This Thursday, we’re saluting Daniel Arsham and his crystalized classical sculptures. By re-imagining timeless cultural symbols, this sculptor keeps their meaning alive for a new generation to appreciate and ponder.

You can view more of Arsham’s work on Instagram or on the sculptor’s website.

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