Thursday Salute to Originals: Painted Airplane Rides

Painter Jim Darling depicts aerial scenes from airplane viewports.

Los Angeles-based painter Jim Darling continues work on an ongoing project called “Windows” — a series of landscapes that imitate the views from the window-seat of an airplane.

darling 4

From lush, rolling hills to cityscapes and deserts, Darling expands moments of window-framed journeys to include all types of oval-shaped vignettes. Each window painting is made from layered woodwork, acrylic, and aerosol. The medium creates vague, expressive shapes that rely on three-dimensional context clues to create the illusion that you’re looking out an airplane window.

darling 10

darling 11

The paintings within the white plastic are dreamy and soft depictions of what an airplane ride might look like. With soft edges and imperfect shapes, the aerial views have a touch of whimsical wonder — like a vague memory of peering out from a window seat after waking up from a good nap.

darling 2

This Thursday, we’re saluting Jim Darling and his aerial landscapes. You can watch as more pieces are added to the series on the artist’s website or view more of his work on Instagram.

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