Thursday Salute to Originals: Painting in Puddles

Russian artist and photographer digitally modifies wet surfaces with pops of neon color.


Digital artist and photographer Slava Semeniuta, also known as VISUAL SCIENTIST, loves to explore color through digital photography. From portraits to landscapes and macrophotography, Semeniuta looks for opportunities to capture color in the real world or digitally modifies photos to create emotional, psychedelic images.

In his recent series titled REGULAR RAIN, Semeniuta retouches digital macrophotography of puddles on concrete surfaces with shimmering neon rainbows. Applying his eye for “other-ness,” the photographer observed how colored light from store signs and stoplights was frozen just beneath in the wet surfaces.



“I especially liked the look of the reflection of neon light in the water,” said Semeniuta in an interview with This Is Colossal. “These reflections in the puddles give me a strange feeling that I am looking into some other dimension,” he added.

The final VISUAL SCIENTIST production is a digital composition that imagines an alien world crossing over into the ordinary.



This Thursday, we’re saluting the digital artistry and creative eye of Salva Semeniuta. You can view more visual experiments on the artist’s Instagram or on Behance.

Sources: Slava Semeniuta, This is Colossal