Thursday Salute to Originals: Zip It

Belgian artist Élodie Antoine crafts anatomical forms from zippers, felt and other textiles.

antoine 7

Elodie Antoine has a deep understanding of textile fibers, using them to knit unconventional designs that mimic organic shapes and figures. Using lycra, felt and even zippers, fabric and fibers take the place of tissue to create human-looking organs.

antoine 4

antione 2

“Felt especially is very interesting for making sculptures because it allows to make forms without sewing, without suture, like the organs of the human body,” said Antoine in a note to This is Colossal.

Antoine has been fond of textile for many years, learning sewing techniques at a very young age and mastering them to create contemporary and peculiar forms. In the series shown here, the “sewing sculptor” uses felt to craft teeth, lower limbs and bones.

antoine 9 960x358@2x

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This Thursday, we’re saluting Élodie Antoine and her anatomical textile sculptures. Antoine currently teaches textile design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, and you can view more of the artist’s organ-inspired work on their Instagram or Website.

Sources: Elodie Antoine, This is Colossal