Thursday Salute to Originals: Shattered Puzzle Panes

Acrylic puzzle sets turn a bad accident into a 215-piece fun activity

Have you ever shattered a mirror or window? Between the initial shock and tedious cleanup, breaking glass is an awful experience. The designers at Yelldesign have decided to take this annoying shock and turn it into a fun activity.

Comically titled “The Accident,” Yelldesign’s new puzzle set is a 215-piece mess that resembles a shattered windowpane. Re-assembly is almost as tedious as trying to fix a broken window, except there’s no risk of cutting yourself on jagged edges.

“The Accident” is part of a series of Yelldesign’s transparent puzzle sets released in response to the boom in popularity of jigsaw puzzles during quarantine. Along with “The Fish Tank” and “The Virus,” this set of puzzles is a fun exploration of real-world skeuomorphism that should entertain design enthusiasts for hours.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Yelldesign and their series of fun transparent puzzles. You can order your own set online or check out more of the design shop’s non-commercial work on Instagram.

Sources: Yelldesign, This is Colossal