Thursday Salute to Originals: Stairway House

This architectural staircase feature explores functional imagination.

In many homes, furniture and décor often serve more than one function — think of a bookshelf tucked under a staircase!

The design team at Nendo took this concept to a whole new level with their recently constructed house in Tokyo. Stairway House features a stairwell that connects the outdoor garden to the third floor of the property. Though this stairwell is strictly artistic, it does hold a multitude of purposes. From acting as an in-home garden to hiding storage, walkways, and the bathrooms.

The Design Studio said in a statement, “Not only does the stairway connect the interior to the yard, or bond one household to another, this structure aims to expand further out to join the environs and the city.”

This Thursday, we’re saluting Nendo and their faux staircase. A simply designed home with clean lines has been taken into a new realm with this three-story concrete stairwell. Utilizing architecture to create disruptive art is where Nendo shines.

Sources: Nendo, This is Colossal