Thursday Salute to Originals: The World’s Largest Anamorphic Illusion

An enormous digital wave crashes above the streets of South Korea.

Imagination and engineering intersect above the urban streets of South Korea in the form of a giant digital aquarium designed by District — a technology experience design firm. Within the “glass box,” a wave crashes over and over on itself in perfect simulated motion.

This looping technique is called Anamorphism: a repeating animation sequence that cascades on itself over and over again. District’s South Korean public display is the largest of its kind in the world, playing on an advertising screen that measures 80.1 x 20.1 meters.

Public graphic arts like this are both an exciting visual urban feature and a reminder of how the material and digital worlds converge. Impossible urban experiences like a perfectly contained wave can now augment the real urban experience on the sidewalk.

This Thursday, we’re saluting District’s Anamorphic Illusion. You can view more digital experiences on the firm’s website or Instagram.

Sources: District, This is Colossal