Thursday Salute to Originals: Electronic Rackets

These tennis racket pieces of art? They’re game, set, match for artist Leonardo Ulian.

Quarantine has had a different effect on each of us, and some have been using their spare time to act on their creative and artistic impulses. This is certainly true for Leonardo Ulian, a London-based artist, who designed a new series called Contrived Objects while practicing social distancing.

For these pieces, Ulian uses various electronic components – microchips, speakers, metal pieces – and he strings them up together forming meticulous patterns and constellations within the head of the tennis racket. But wait, there’s more… These patters come together to form an abstract face! Ulian suggests these could be the “faces of the future.” He has intentionally chosen an old-world object, the tennis racket, to clash with the new world materials, the electronic elements.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Leonardo Ulian for contriving these vintage, yet out-of-this-world, masterpieces! These very well could be the faces of the future… You can view more of Ulian’s work here on his Instagram profile.

Sources: Leonardo Ulian, This is Colossal