Thursday Salute to Originals: Holding Hands in Bronze

We’re awarding artist Anders Krisar first place for his bisected bronze figures.

Based in Stockholm, Anders Krisar is a sculptor and photographer who presents work that focuses on the human body. In his biography on his website, he explains that his art is constructed through meticulously repeated processes. In the case of this series, of which many of the works are untitled, Krisar has re-casted these body parts over and over again in order to achieve the simple abstraction he strives for.

Why is his work so smooth and careful? He goes on to explain on his website: “I’m a perfectionist because I have to be, it’s not really a choice. And it’s not a striving for satisfaction, it’s rather to avoid pain.” We can see perfection in this series through his precision in each cut of the bronze sculptures. They almost appear as though they were digitally manufactured rather than created by Krisar’s hands!

This Thursday, we salute Anders Krisar and his bronze sculptures that join hands. We’re appreciative of the symmetry and flawlessness achieved through multiple renderings! You can view all of Krisar’s latest artistic endeavors here on his Instagram.

Sources: Anders Krisar, This is Colossal