Thursday Salute to Originals: Fragile Weaponry

Death and destruction aren’t exactly synonymous with the dainty and delicate.

But perhaps that’s exactly the point artist Helena Hauss is trying to make. In her latest series called Hell Hath no Fury, Hauss has purposely transfused the concept of domestic femininity, shown through delft-style porcelain, with weaponry like a grenade, an axe, and a spiked bat that depict savagery. The aspect of femininity is further accentuated by the floral motifs on the porcelain.

But why pair these two opposites together? Because Hauss believes we shouldn’t really see them as opposites. Her goal with this series is to dismantle the misconception that women are the “weaker sex,” and instead to promote women empowerment. When she speaks of women and how they are portrayed here in Hell Hath No Fury, Hauss says, “Contrary to what you might think, we’re not made of glass, porcelain, or crystal. We’re not gonna break, we’re wearing full metal jackets, and we’re ready to fight back.”

This Thursday, we salute Helena Hauss and her not-so-fragile weaponry for shattering several misguided views on women. You can head to her Instagram page where you’ll see more of her work with porcelain, glass, and pop culture!

Sources: Helena Hauss, This is Colossal