Thursday Salute to Originals: Anatomical Tea Pots

Allow us to introduce you to some art that’s finger-licking delicious!

Meet artist Ronit Baranga, who is really working up an appetite with her art. In her ceramic series, All Things Sweet and Painful, you’ll find items like teapots and cups accompanied by desserts — All while being balanced by jutting fingers or decorated with open mouths. Maybe the mouths are just trying to have a taste of some cake or pie?

But really, why does Baranga make these delicate tea sets with appendages and mouths? For her, it’s all about portraying surrealism and pairing the style with good food and luxury items. She expands on this concept here:

“The mixed emotions of need and the insatiable hunger for more – more sugar, more attention, more love. There is a constant push against the boundaries of rational consumption, craving the sugar rush, forever tempted to go overboard.”

This Thursday we’re saluting Ronit Baranga for her insatiable ceramics and sugary luxuries. You can watch more about her anatomical creations in the video below.

Source: Ronit Baranga, This is Colossal