Thursday Salute to Originals: Nature or Embroidery?

Your guess is as good as ours… Is this true nature? Or is it an embroidery?

Say ‘hello’ to artist Victoria Richards, who makes it hard to distinguish what is true nature, and what is embroidery! For example: Are you looking at a pond in a farmland, or are your seeing brilliant blue threading among fields of green string? Aerial embroideries are Victoria’s specialty, and she uses specific materials and methods to create such realistic landscapes.

With satin string and French knots, Victoria has the ability to add tiny little details to each of her scenes. She also manages to accentuate the landscapes with alternative textures you don’t see in any average embroidery. To add to these fine features, Victoria incorporates splashes of the whimsical and fantastic to her work. Why shouldn’t there be rainbow fields or rainy beaches?

This Thursday, we salute Victoria Richards for her scenic imagination and obvious talent with a needle. Want to see more of her colorful threads? Visit her Instagram page!

Sources: Victoria Richards, This is Colossal