Thursday Salute to Originals: Laced Up Mini Scenes

These are not your grandmother’s pillow laces!

Hungarian artist Agnes Herczeg uses traditional handicraft techniques to create her stunningly intricate lacework. And even better, they’re miniatures. Working within just a few inches on each scene, Herczeg has to take incredible care to be as detailed as she is. Each scene depicts something pastoral, which is largely attributed to the small town where she lives.

But her mini-scenes are not made of only lace. Instead, she makes things much more interesting by incorporating mixed media. Within her scenes, you will also glimpse wood, seeds, and wire. These elements paired with the delicacy of lace and silk thread show the unbelievable features achieved in such small spans of work. We see the roles that patience and technique play into work, and she expands on these concepts on her website: “It is very important for me to be able to continually learn during my work and perfect my techniques, as well as to try new materials.”

This Thursday, we salute Agnes Herczeg for her close attention to detail and meticulously made miniatures! You can view more of her lacework here on her Instagram profile.

Sources: Agnes Herczeg, This is Colossal