Thursday Salute to Originals: Van Gogh Comes to Life

These days, it is rare to find someone who is unfamiliar with the infamous work of Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh’s work is often praised and revered by art lovers alike, but the Indianapolis Museum of Art is taking things to a whole new level. Soon, visitors will be able to actually step inside a Van Gogh painting! This is a multi-sensory exhibit called The Lume and it will allow a diverse audience to completely submerge themselves in the various works of Van Gogh, like Starry Night and Sunflowers!

The exhibit will be taking up a massive section of the fourth floor of the museum, using up 30,000 square feet and around 150 high-end projectors. The projectors will be responsible for creating the 3-D environment out of Van Gogh’s 2-D paintings. In addition, there will be classical music to accompany the almost 3,000 moving images! The Lume will be the largest continuous exhibition space in the museum’s history.

This Thursday, we’re saluting The Lume for its immersive and engaging experience! We are thrilled the museum will be catering to a more diverse audience of art spectators with a digital world of art by a renowned painter.

Sources: Travel + Leisure, Indianapolis Museum of Art