Thursday Salute to Originals: Digital Bloom

Complex digital renderings highlight intricate structures in botanicals.

Cologne, Germany-based digital duo Misha Shyukin and Hannes Hummel are fixated on flowers. Their collaborative, Shy Studio, has been producing digital renderings of complex patterns in the natural world. Through still-life “photos” and animated short clips, each rendering showcases the intricacy of natural life.

Unfurling petals, swirling tessellations, and mid-motion fractals make up the series of botanical-inspired digital works called Artificial Bloom. All of these patterns occur naturally in plant and animal life, and each video or image of imaginary botanicals illustrates them dressed in soft, delicate textures.

“It was fascinating to find that a lot of floral and plant structures follow certain mathematical rules, which we could replicate and apply to our own structures,” said Shyukin in an interview with This is Colossal.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Misha Shyukin and Hannes Hummel and Shy Studio’s series on organic florals. In a time when many people in quarantine are finding joy in home gardens and houseplants, each rendering inspires us to take a second look at the mathematical beauty of the natural work all around.

You can view more work by Shy Studio on their website and follow new additions to Artificial Bloom on Behance.

Sources: Misha Shyukin, Hannes Hummel, This is Colossal