Thursday Salute to Originals: Framed Landscapes

Intricate miniatures encase rocky terrains from a unique perspective.

Floating terrestrial landscapes suspended in the air — these kinds of fanciful scenes are usually explored through CGI and green screens. Amsterdam-based sculptor Rosa de Jong is turning these dreamy scenes into tangible, physical art.

Suspended within simple wooden frames, Jong crafts intricate miniatures of stilted houses, tents, and even a “ladder to nowhere” carefully placed on rocky, mountainous terrain. Shards of textured, earthy material are dotted with topography features like moss and tiny trees.

While the art of miniature making is an obsessive and complex medium, Jong’s approach and style in the craft can be distilled to how the sculptor focuses on organic features.

“I feel like a huge part of my work is how I frame things—let’s see if I am able to frame these inspiring natural elements,” said Jong in an interview with This is Colossal.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Rosa de Jong’s miniature studies and fanciful landscapes. You can view more magnificent miniatures on Behance and Instagram.

Sources: Rosa de Jong, This is Colossal