Thursday Salute to Originals: Porcelain Pieces

Baltimore-based sculptor creates organic shapes from porcelain shards.

Bits of porcelain bloom and bud into organic-inspired masses in Israeli artist Zemer Peled’s series of textured sculptures. Working from her studio in Baltimore, Peled reimagines porcelain materials as part of amorphous bodies that imitate natural forms like vines or coral.

Peled’s sculptural language draws from landscapes and nature, exploring themes of memory and place — a porcelain dream.

The hard or sharp porcelain edges bristle out from the sculptural forms, mimicking organic shapes while also contrasting with the softness of naturally-occurring plant materials.

The bright colors add emotion and excitement to each sculpture and accent the protruding shapes of each piece of porcelain.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Zemer Peled’s porcelain sculptures. Each work transforms the rigid medium into an exciting and living exploration of the natural world. You can view more of Peled’s work on her web portfolio and Instagram.

Be sure to check out her recent, eccentric COVID-19 themed pieces, too.

Sources: Zemer Peled, This is Colossal