Thursday Salute to Originals: Macro-mental

Massive knotted textiles suspend from coastal buildings in Bali.

In less than two weeks, textile artist Agnes Hansella crafted three tremendous, 37-foot-wide macrame works.

The trio of public installations titled “Mountain,” “Ocean” and “Sunset,” hang in open-air structures in Bali and elicit organic motifs from their coastal surroundings. Within the textiles, knotted patches form asymmetric shapes that invoke foaming waves, coral, and arched wings of birds.

The construction of each massive textile was an “on-the-go” process for Hansella. Made from manilla ropes cut with hacksaws, her team leaned on her creative eye to transform the harsh cables into an ornate structure.

“I was never good with drawing pictures, so the finished design is mostly something I came up with on location. I change them a lot based on my instinct and situation. With macramé techniques, the ropes have their own will and character so as the artist I follow them and see what can and can not work,” said Hansella about the project in an interview with This is Colossal.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Agnes Hansella’s massive macrame installations. A smaller series of knotted textiles is on its way to Bahrain, and you can follow the artist’s textile work on Instagram.

Sources: Agnes Hansella, This is Colossal