Thursday Salute to Originals: Symbio Vessels

Human Designs Are Augmented Through Algorithms and Technology.

Through a series of complex coiled containers, Abu Dhabi-based artist Julia Ibbini and her studio partner with computer scientist, Stephane Noyer, to explore how traditional forms can be augmented through abstract design and geometric algorithms.

Titled Symbio Vessels, the concept for this series seeks to merge themes of delicacy and tradition with the power of computational geometry.

Ibbini begins by drawing organic structures by hand that mimic plant-life and naturally occurring tessellations. These hand-drawn drafts are then turned over to a custom design software created by Stephane Noyer that refines and programs the drawings into a three-dimensional construction process.

Construction of the vessels is done by hand — cutting, stacking, and gluing rings of laser-cut paper to form the spiraling shapes of each vase.

“The flaws which come with the human hand contribute to the beautiful end result,” said Ibbini’s studio in a statement.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Julia Ibbini’s Symbio Vessels. You can view a range of ornate works just like this one on Studio Ibbini’s website and Instagram.

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