Thursday Salute to Originals: Split Images

Sketch artist illustrates the intersection of consciousness and physicality through graphite portraiture.

Human beings experience emotions physically, and explaining how the body carries them is an art. Sweden-based artist Miles Johnston explores this art visually through his latest series of graphite portraits.

“We don’t directly experience the actual biochemical facts of what is happening in our bodies, hormones secreting, weird little proteins and neurons doing whatever it is they do. Instead, we have a whole language of expressions like stomach tied up in knots, feeling empty, torn in two, and burning with anger,” said Johnston in an interview with This is Colossal.

Common expressions and emotions are visualized through psychedelic scenes and physical contortions — stress is an upside-down head; codependence is arms jutting through torsos. Each portrait is inspired by Johnston’s own internal narrative, and many subjects of his portraiture feature him and his partner.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Miles Johnston’s series of emotional graphite illustrations. You can view more visual interpretations on his website and Instagram.

Sources: Miles Johnston, This is Colossal