Thursday Salute to Originals: Sustainable Woodwork

Elegant wood carvings explore abstract shapes and shadows.

In a series of wooded carvings, artist Ariele Alasko plays with themes of elegance, negative space, and contrast.

From each block of wood, the artist creates smooth, abstract shapes full of curves and bent lines. From here, Alasko takes each smooth shape and assembles them into larger abstract pieces including wall art and a massive mobile.

In their final form, the carving compositions are quite elegant and airy. Beyond their wooden forms, the sculptures seem to transmit calm and tranquility through fascinating shadow shapes and lines that play with negative space.

Each elegant piece also has an invisible feature — responsible material sourcing. In an interview with This is Colossal, Alasko shared that she gathers the wood for each piece sustainably from local lumber yards and even her own backyard.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the elegant wooden creations of Ariele Alasko. You can view more of the artist’s work on their website and on Instagram.

Sources: Ariele Alasko, This is Colossal