Thursday Salute to Originals: Fresh Bags

Designer re-imagines high-end fashions using vegetables as textiles.

Ben Denzer is well known for quirky, food-themed designs, especially his ice cream book collection. In a new series of sculpture work, Denzer is taking on a more iconic classic than a Jane Austin novel — the Hermés Berkin bag.

His arrangements of asparagus stalks, cucumber slices, and cabbage leaves bring boutique chic to the produce aisle, mimicking the most iconic elements of the fashionable bags, resulting in an unmistakable and comical resemblance.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the sustainable fashions of Ben Denzer. You can view more produce-as-textiles creations, including a fruity apple bag, on the artist’s website and Instagram.

Sources: Ben Denzer, This is Colossal