Thursday Salute to Originals: Textile Stitches

A textile artist creates ornamental sculptures of household artifacts using a range of techniques.

Artist and textile designer Sue Trevor is piecing together a series of meticulously stitched ornamental sculptures — the current iteration of her lifelong passion for crafting and painting.

From a film camera to an analog clock, the subject of each piece comes from a range of household items and vintage electronics. With a combination of embroidery, appliqué, and quilting techniques, Trevor fabricates each object through trial and error, tailoring her two-dimensional floral fabric designs into a three-dimensional sculpture.

“I love the challenge of trying to dissect the structure of an object and translating it into one of my textile pieces,” said Trevor in an interview.

Trevor pulls inspiration from a deep-felt connection to botanicals and a love of gardening that define her style.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Sue Trevor’s hybrid textile and sculpture creations. You can view more of her work on Instagram and Etsy.

Sources: Sue Trevor, This is Colossal