Thursday Salute to Originals: Print With Purpose

A portrait series aims to fight global poverty while highlighting themes of ethnicity and diversity.
Minimalism and vibrancy — two seemingly opposed design dimensions come together in the compositions of this Rio de Janeiro artist. Known for his digital creations, Luciano Cian expresses his affinity for color and geometry through renders of anonymous subjects. Cultural themes resonate loudly through each computer screen canvas in the faces and bodies of the unknown persons he creates.
“I always work with images that allude to ethnicity. This series, like the others, talks about the miscegenation of races and peoples, with diversity as the central focus,” said Cian in an interview with This is Colossal.
More than a colorful statement, Cian has partnered with Prints Against Poverty to donate his print sales towards ending extreme poverty in countries like Indonesia.
This Thursday, we’re saluting both the mission and style behind Luciano Cian’s digital portraiture. You can view more of his work, including real-world acrylics and collages on Instagram or the artist’s website.