Thursday Salute to Originals: To Infinity and Hong Kong

A public art installation pays tribute to the endurance and evolution of Hong Kong.

Paul Cocksedge is a truly global designer. With public installations in several major cities from Milan to London to NYC, his studio’s elegant and innovative aesthetic is a human-centered signature, designed to fit into the lives of every type of person.

In a recent installation called “Time Loop,” Cocksedge constructs an endless loop of coiling wood in Hong Kong’s Yue Man Square. In his signature style, the large wooden structure integrates into the daily human activity of the city as a respite from the fast pace of urban life power naps, play breaks, and coffee sipping are encouraged.

“When people sit on ‘Time Loop,’ they become part of the movement of the city, as well as its transformation. It reflects a place that’s endured for many years but remains constantly moving and evolving. And that’s the symbolism of the form,” said Cocksedge in an interview with This is Colossal.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Paul Cocksedge’s Time Loop and the endurance and evolution of the Hong Kong metropolis. You can view more of the artist’s architectural works on his studio’s website.

Sources: Paul Cocksedge, This is Colossal