Thursday Salute to Originals: What’s Your Angle?

An abstract interior installation creates prismatic depth illusions.

Open Square is a meticulously coordinated installation that engages visitors in a distorted environment of color, sound, and lighting. The invention of Chicago-based studio Luftwerk, the two-room, immersive design engages visitors in a dynamic, illuminating experience.

Utilizing entirely physical properties for its illusions, Open Square is painted with clean, angular blocks of color. LED lights flash across the rooms, distorting their boundaries that emerge and fade over time.

“The cyclical flow of the installation is a contemplation of the physical experiences of interior space and how perception can shift through color, light, and sound,” said the artist in a statement.

Open Square is part of Factory Installed 2021, a temporary installation exhibition at Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, PA, on view through November 14. One of five projects, Luftwerk’s Open Square transforms the historic building, mesmerizing viewers and helping them leave behind the outside world.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Luftwerk and the Open Square lighting installation. You can view more installations like this one on the artist’s website and Instagram!

Sources: Luftwerk, This is Colossal