Thursday Salute to Originals: Spiraling Stone Plexus

Sprawling land art embeds coiling patterns in beachy landscapes.

Creativity and stone-cold precision are better together, and Wales-based artist Jon Foreman wouldn’t have it any other way.

In a series of public land art, Foreman has meticulously re-arranged patches of natural topography into coils of decorative patterns. Land-bound whirlpools of smooth stones sprawl across beaches and grassy meadows in earth-tone gradients and hue.

Each mesmerizing pattern is laid out with incredible attention to detail, with each smooth rock carefully curated based on color and size to fit perfectly into the larger picture.

Impermanent by design, the fragility of the arrangements adds a dimension of wonder to Foreman’s work — outside of photography, the art leaves little trace when natural forces disrupt the design and replace the stones in the wild.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Jon Foreman’s precision stone creations. You can view more photographs of designs like these on the artist’s Instagram and website.

Sources: Jon Foreman, This is Colossal