Thursday Salute to Originals: That’s a Wrap

A massive, iconic Parisian landmark gets draped in a silvery-blue paper.

Global travel may still be limited this year, but that hasn’t stopped Vladimir Yavatchev from creating an over-the-top public art installation for the world to see.

Through a partnership with the Centre des Monuments Nationaux, workers began wrapping the Arc de Triomphe – a 50-meter tall, 19th-century arch – in 25,000 square meters of shimmering blue paper.

The contemporary spectacle was originally imagined by the late Christo and his partner, Jeanne-Claude — a world-famous duo whose global body of work involved wrapping many buildings and impressive elements of nature in fabric.

“The biggest challenge for me is that Christo is not here. I miss his enthusiasm, his criticisms, his energy, and all of these things. That, for me, really is the biggest challenge,” said Yavatchev in an interview with Reuters.

Yavatchev, who is Christo’s nephew, spent about $16.54 million on the tribute project. The wrapping will remain in place through October 3, 2021.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the legacy of Christo in public art and this contemporary tribute to his larger-than-life portfolio of wrapped landmarks. You can watch a timeline of the wrapped-up Arc de Triomphe project on YouTube, and images of the project and other historic works by Christo and Jeanne-Claude can be found on their website.

Sources: Vladimir Yavatchev, Reuters