Thursday Salute to Originals: Third Rock From the Sun

An animated virtual adventure illustrates rocky extra-terrestrial terrain.

Director, cinematographer, and visual artist Clemens Wirth is celebrating the other-worldly terrains on the surface of Earth in a series of animated short movies titled Miniature Landscape. 

Wirth’s short films follow a hovering camera as it slithers through intricately designed landscape models Wirth built in his workshop. Each miniature captures incredible Earth-bound details before launching into a unique perspective.

The final clip of the animated trilogy travels beyond Earth to explore outer space with a Mandalorian-style space shuttle. The space shuttle drifts through meteorite fields and across sandy, cratered surfaces of extraterrestrial rocks.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the craftsmanship and animation talents of Clemens Wirth. His skillful imitation of rocky surfaces is truly out of this world. You can view how the clips of how each miniature was made on Wirth’s Vimeo channel.

Sources: Clemens Wirth, This is Colossal