Thursday Salute to Originals: Artificial Creatures

AI-generated figures evoke marine life and organic structure.

Russian director Maxim Zhestkov brings robotic precision to life in a series of animated, AI-generated digital sculptures. Part of a digitally-rendered film called “Artificial Organisms,” waves of motion pulse through floating, amorphous blue globs of matter.

“A combination of biological symmetry and impeccable digital matter, they are a representation of budding artificial intelligence,” said Zhestkov in an interview.

Surprisingly lifelike, the digital specimens resemble aquatic life in the real world like the coral reef or anemone — an incredible evolution on the smoothing interpretation of organic subjects in digital art.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the detail, precision, and organic beauty of Maxim Zhestkov’s AI animations. You can view more animations like these on the artist’s Instagram.

Sources: Maxim Zhestkov, This is Colossal