Thursday Salute to Originals: Capped

A three-year photography project captures calving glaciers.

Set the scene: a man with a camera travels along a 4,000 km frigid coastline alone in a rubber raft. Chunks of ice fall from an iceberg, plunging the photographer into icy waters. He survives. Left with broken ribs and a concussion, the photographer insists he must capture more shots soon.

This is the real-life, epic experience of German photographer Olaf Otto Becker on one of his fourteen subsequent voyages to the Arctic coastlines to shoot Greenland’s crumbling Ilulissat Icefjord.

Driven to preserve the scenic and majestic beauty of a quickly shifting climate, Becker described this project as an urgent call to document glacial forms.

“Scientists have calculated that, in addition, the coasts of Greenland and the island itself will rise significantly because of the melting of the tons of ice, while the rising sea level will literally drown some coasts. Everything will change,” said Becker in a statement to

This Thursday, we’re saluting this epic photography compilation by Olaf Otto Becker. You can view more breathtaking environmental photography like these on Becker’s website.

Sources: Olaf Otto Becker, This is Colossal