Thursday Salute to Originals: Moonlit Mountain

An illuminated half-circle structure decorates the natural landscape of Mount Tai with a soft glow.

Nestled in the wooded topography of China’s Mount Tai, an orb of light casts a net of light, reflecting upward across a sleek pool of water. Beneath the lit dome of the orb, a concrete chapel lays open for locals.

“Hometown Moon” is a project by Syn Architects — a design agency focused on urban-rural development. Much like the duality of dark and light or moon and sun, the contrast of a designed urbanite sanctuary makes a striking statement in the wilderness.

“We returned to the birthplace of Confucianism, rebuilding the relationship between dualities such as city and the countryside,” a designer from Syn Architects said in an interview with Dezeen.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the contemporary urban designs of Syn Architects nestled in the wooded landscapes or rural China. You can view more projects like these on the Firm’s website.

Sources: Syn Architects, This is Colossal, Dezeen