Thursday Salute to Originals: Red Light

Infrared light augments the stone architecture and terrains of Versailles, Provence, and the Beaches of Normandy.

In an ongoing collection of photographs, global photographer Paulo Pettigiani captures iconic landscapes in candy-pink and warm, saturated hues.

Using a full-spectrum camera, Pettigiani is able to capture and interpret light that is usually invisible to the naked eye. When converted to the visible spectrum, trees, grass, and stone terrains become augmented with captivating reddish colors that emit a seemingly electric glow.

Pictured here, the Gothic abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel explodes with cotton-candy foliage against muted stone architecture — a striking contrast that highlights the eccentric beauty of the red-spectrum light.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Paulo Pettigiani and his infrared photography. You can view more of the photographer’s unique, full-spectrum photo projects on Instagram.

Sources: Paulo Pettigiani, This is Colossal