Thursday Salute to Originals: Ruined Architecture

A Denmark-based artist creates paper sculptures of ancient architectural wonders.

Even in states of disrepair, worldly castles and cathedrals invoke a sense of permanence and safety. Denmark-based artist Peter Callesen juxtaposes this theme of stability with fragility in a paper-sculpting study of architectural forms in ruin.

The study is made from detailed replicas of ancient Doric-style pillars, gothic castles, and even an interpretation of the Tower of Babel — all from thin sheets of paper.

“Almost as creation in reverse, the ruin as a motif for my works deals with the themes of rise and fall, through typical gothic architecture inspired by romantic painters… The work ‘17.8 Tall Tower of Babel’ is also linked to brokenness and failure, because of the Tower of Babel myth,” said Callesen in a statement.

The artist meticulously details both the core subject and its disrepair with white, crumbling facades and toppled columns.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the paper sculptures of Peter Callesen. You can view more of the artist’s intricate paper miniatures and larger installations on his Instagram.

Sources: Peter Callesen, This is Colossal