Thursday Salute to Originals: Wire and Light in Bloom

An ornamental flower frameworks capture lustrous light in their petals and leaves.

In a series of ornate, delicate hairpieces, Tokyo designer Sakae crafts intricate flowering forms and butterflies from wire and resin.

The series is Sakae’s interpretation of traditional Japanese kanzashi — hair ornaments made from layers of folded cloth. Incredibly lifelike in shape and texture, each wing, leaf, and petal is a colorful expression of beautiful natural forms.

In person, the translucent liquid resin captures surrounding light in a captivating illumination of the material. The hydrangeas, irises, and daffodils glow in photos with a distinct, delicate sheen.

This Thursday we’re saluting handmade hairpieces by Sakae and the beautiful kanzashi tradition. You can view more of Sakaes work on the artist’s website.

Sources: Sakae, This is Colossal