Thursday Salute to Originals: Under My Umbrella

Colorful arrangements expose the intricate details beneath umbrella-shaped mushrooms.

Artist, educator, and photographer Jill Bliss is on the hunt for mushrooms! A self-proclaimed explorer of the Salish Sea, Bliss seeks out the natural beauties all around her, sharing carefully curated selections of biodiversity in prints, stationary, and on social media.

Pictured here, Bliss creates colorful compositions from upside-down fungal blooms. Beneath their umbrella-shaped caps, the diversity of mushroom species can be observed in intricate textures, folds, and even color against stone and leafy backdrops.

Bright shades on an all-natural spectrum from lavender to orange add dimension to the subject’s organic texture, and Bliss’s careful color-coding highlights just how vibrant each hue can be.

This Thursday, we’re saluting Jill Bliss’s colorful mushroom arrangements. You can follow her ongoing adventures in the Salish Sea on Instagram.

Sources: Jill Bliss, This is Colossal