Thursday Salute to Originals: Pavement Surgeon

Vibrant tilework decorates and repairs fractured sidewalks and pavement in European streets.

Walk along an aging street in the city of Lyon, and you can’t help but notice bits of colorful tile mosaics peeking out of the grey stone pavement. A signature of Ememem or “the pavement surgeon,” these intricate suchors are decorative and practical repairs for ugly, pothole-shaped wounds.

Since 2016, Ememem has repaired hundreds of pavement imperfections in cities across Europe, including Norway, Scotland, Germany and Spain. The vibrant tile mosaics envigorate otherwise dull or dilapidated public spaces with bold colors and patterns.

“[It is a] free and spontaneous surgical act, which repairs as much as it beautifies,” said Ememem in an interview with This is Colossal.

This Thursday, we’re saluting the careful restorative work of “the pavement surgeon” — both in craft and spontaneous spirit. You can follow the artist’s newest public projects along with gallery-bound creations on Instagram.

Sources: Ememem, This is Colossal